21 NGF - Nowabenki Gonomukhi Foundation

Unit Introduction.

NGF is working in the south west coastal region of Bangladesh from last three decades focusing on sustainable livelihood, women economic empowerment and humanitarian assistance in environmental friendly ways. To ensuring sustainable livelihood, NGF from its beginning emphasizes the agro based technological knowledge development and technological knowledge dissemination for the farmers of agro industries. In addition, to overcome the adverse effect of climate change and ensuring proper nutrition and maximum profit of the marginal farmers, NGF is implementing Agriculture Unit funded by PKSF since January’2014.  Under this program NGF is working mainly on adaptation and dissemination of modern technologies related to Agriculture among marginal farmers such as- a) Grants for demonstration plot establishment  b) Technical support, result dissemination activities ( Field day, Enhancement tour), c) Skill development activities (Farmers training on related technologies, Agriculture advising center), d) Material support (Seeds, Pheromones Leor, Fruits bag), e) Advertisement (Bill board, Informative sign board) and f) knowledge and experience sharing activities (Publication, Leaflet, Booklet & Brochures).