Pool of Technical Expert

NGF has developed a balanced team of both expertise and capacity. It consists of experienced member including young energetic with high efficiency member who have in depth understanding on the project cycle management, team building, resource mobilization and proper management, formation of different groups/association/CBOs including capacity building, network development and familiar with multi stakeholders consultation meeting/workshop/seminar and their effective participation. There are diversity in knowledge, continuous learning and development along with clear concept of achieving goal. The “Pool of Expert Team” chaired by Executive Director and different sector specific consultant/specialist and technical experts of the organization in related to agriculture, fisheries, livestock, off farm, bio-diversity & conservation, environment and climate change adaptation, sustainable IGAs and livelihood, project cycle management, microfinance, training facilitation, event management, research analyst, M&E, finance and accounts management. A brief profile of Expert Pool are stated bellow;

Md. Lutfor Rahman
Founder of Nowabenki Gonomukhi Foundation (NGF) & act as Executive Director towards organizational development in a sustainable manner. He has sound understanding about micro finance, small and medium level enterprises, coastal people rehabilitation, climate change, livelihood practices and community development activities. Having graduation in Commerce and has proven professional background on Sundarbaon Biodiversity Conservation through multiple donors, private sectors and govt. stakeholders. He has been working for improving lives of the coastal poor people by engaging different IGAs. Total 24 years working experience in development sector towards sustainable rural development. He has skilled in project designing and implementing projects and evaluating programs to address key operational issues in the area of climate change, income generation, food security & social economic development.

Md. Alamgir Kabir
Mr. Kabir has Masters degree in Commerce from Dhaka University. He has fully professional with adequate knowledge and expertise on microcredit management & operation, staff management, team building and skills in training facilitation both staff & beneficiaries. He has also proven track record in developing IGAs, product development and market linkages, small scale enterprises development, women empowerment, diverse project management & implementation activities throughout the country. He has sound experiences in the field of group development, women empowerment, community mobilization, CBO development following the PRA Tools & Techniques.

Md. Zia Uddin Sarder
Having M.Sc. in Geography and Environmental Science, Mr. Zia has sound knowledge and expertise in project implementation activities such as coastal ecosystem, biodiversity conservation, market diagnosis, undertaking feasibility study, value chain analysis, forward and backward linkage establishments through market development principles. He has sound experience in the field social, smallholder livelihood programming, agriculture subsector development (fish, veg, maize, potato, packaging etc.), social forestry, capacity building both partners and project staffs, Training and Facilitation. Based on his experience of serving agriculture sub-sector development project, integrated fish farming, climate change adaptation and SME development field, he will be placed as Project Coordinator in the proposed assignment.

Noor Md. Rasel Khan
Mr. Khan has done his M.B.A Major in (Accounting) and has been working in the development sector about nine years. He has expert in multiple project accounts management, administration, accounting software and familiar about accrual basis accounts system. He has experience in conducting financial assessment, budget control, portfolio management and reporting expert in monthly and annually. Also he has sound understanding about prepare different budget, allocation and financial management. He has extensive experience in the field of accounts management and financial management activities of development projects. He will serve as Manager-Accounts & Finance of the proposed project and assist the project team partially for maintaining the standard accounts system.

Md. Abdul Hamid
Mr. Hamid has completed Master of Science in Agricultural Extension Education from Bangladesh Agricultural University and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Honors) from Khulna University. He has expertise in research work on `Present status of coconut (Cocos Nucifera) cultivation and the problems confronted by the farmers’ and `Farmers perception of the effect of shrimp farming’. His concentrating area is mainly agricultural development in rural area and to develop the livelihood of the community people. His expertise areas are partnership development, deal making, negotiation and good communication skills including tact and diplomacy with others and team working having involvement in different roles, which developed negotiation and persuasive skills.

M.S. in Forestry, B.Sc. in Forestry, about 1.6 years professional experience of market linkage on development of market of produced domestic products along with 2 years professional experience on sustainable biodiversity conservation approach by facilitating effective coordination, implementation and monitoring of planned activities towards conserving costal protected area of Sundarbans, promoting PRA approach for sustainable development of costal belt people in South West region of Bangladesh by maximizing the output towards both economical and ecological sector, livelihood development and income generating activities, market linkage, data collection, analyzing, document trial, research and documentation findings, share with relevant stakeholders for scale up of potentials findings for providing strong guideline towards sustainable management for costal livelihoods.

Mr. Shamim Ahmed
Mr. Hossain has done his B.Sc. in Fisheries and has been involved in the fishery sector for the last four years. He has experience in conducting market assessment, value chain analysis, baseline survey, IGAs, CBA analysis of pond fisheries, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and Questionnaire Development for various Studies and Evaluation. He has extensive experience in Training and Facilitation and technically sounds in culture fisheries management. Working in the field he has gathered sufficient knowledge about the field activities through value chain development approach. He will serve as Technical Expert in the project.

Md. Masudul Haque
Mr. Haque has completed M.Sc. degree in Soil Science from Khulna University. He has sound expertise in research work, project cycle management, community mobilization, training facilitation, event management and technical hands on soil science. His expertise areas are team building, partnership development, deal making, negotiation and good communication skills including tact and diplomacy with others and team working having involvement in different roles, which developed negotiation and persuasive skills.