Enrich Loan

Three types of special credit services have been designed for the ENRICH households: Income Generating Activities Loan (IGAL), Livelihood Improvement Loan (LIL), and Asset Creation Loan (ACL). All the three credit services can be accessed simultaneously by a household. NGF has been implementing all these three component since 2010, ENRICH (Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households towards Elimination of their Poverty) project.

The overall vision that underpins the ENRICH is to work with the poor to create an enabling environment for them to achieve a humanly dignified living standard and enjoy universal human rights. The poor who join the ENRICH are in fact partners in the process; and the PKSF and the NGF work with those people, not for them. The ENRICH is not about one project here and another there. It is an integrated approach and truly a paradigm shift.


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