Major Activities of Adolescent Club

NGF Adolescent Program

Today’s adolescent are the leader of the future, by absorbing this notion Nowabenki Gonomukhi Foundation (NGF) with PKSF’s financial support implementing the “Koisore programe” in Shyamnagar and Kaliganj upazilla of Satkhira district. Actitivities of Adolescent Program are functioning in 26 Adolescent clubs and 22 school forum. Activities aims to develop social values, promote ​​self-development, create positive values in individual and family life leading to sustainable development.  The club member practice appropriate initiatives in health and environmental protection, so that, now adolescent can make visible contribution to strengthen the foundation of futur


In general, the activities of clubs can be conducted in the following 4 categories:


1. Awareness raising and pricing practices;

2. Development of leadership and life skills;

3. Nutrition and healthcare;

4. Cultural and sports activities.

The main activities are mentioned under 4 categories:






Main activities


Awareness raising and pricing practices

1.Truthfulness and benevolence;

2.avoid jealousy and hypocrisy;

3.Mutual respect and love (respect for parents, teachers and elders love for children) ;

4. To prevent all forms of oppression (abuse of women and children, sexual harassment, domestic violence; child marriage, dowry, suicide etc.);

5. Nutrition awareness and safe food.

6. Personal and environmental cleanliness and environmental protection

7. Avoidance and prevention of all types of drugs including drugs;

8. Creating awareness against communalism, terrorism and extremism

9. good culture practice (indigenous cultural practice, avoidance of obscenity);

10. Prevention of corruption and love of country etc.


Development of leadership and life skills

1. Training in the development of the leadership of the youths

2. Lifestyle related training and awareness creation (Nature, Environment, Society, Family, Institutions, Biodiversity, Climate change Adaptation, Social Responsibilities, Confidence and Self-Establishment, Lifestyle

Living a stress free life, misusing mobile phones, the horrors of pornography, Tree plantation)

3. Establishment and management of community libraries;

4. regular book reading and afternoon school activities;

5. Technical and skill development training and career-based training.


Healthcare and nutrition

1. Knowledge of nutrition in food;

2. balanced diet and daily food list;

3. Healthiest Cooking Methods of maintaining nutritional value of food;

4. Adolescence: Concepts and Actions:

5. Hygiene, sanitation, seasonal health care

6. Newborn / child rearing;

7. Family health;

8. Gain proficiency in blood sugar, blood pressure, body weight and temperature determination etc.

9. Provide support for immunization programs and establish liaison with community clinics.


Cultural and sports activities

1. Wall Magazine Competition.

2. Debate competition;

3. essay competition;

4. present speech;

5. Organizing thematic Gael table meetings;

6. Sending articles to newspapers

7. publishing writings for memoirs;

8. Indigenous sports;

9. Practice of indigenous and regional culture.


Awareness activities

A Discussion meeting on Health and Nutrition


Koisore Club