Handicraft Products

Over the last couple of decades, Bangladesh economy witnessed remarkable economic growth appreciation largely to sustained expansion of its rural economy. During the 1990s both the crop and non-crop sub-sectors within agriculture have experienced faster growth, contributing directly to the rise of rural employment and income. According to PKSF intervention, NGF has been promoting and expanding diversified non-farm activities in the coastal areas by engage women that increasing the investment both public and private sectors. Some of these coastal Rural Non Farm (RNF) activities are:

  • Homestead based enterprises; handicraft, small cottages, Mini Garments/Tailoring etc.
  • Crop processing & Marketing; Rice Milling, Food Packaging etc.
  • Equipment repair workshop/Mobile Serving Center
  • Rural transport services; Saw Mills, Auto Bike, Nasimon, Easy bike etc.
  • Shop keeping, Business Center, Rural business initiative
  • Cottage industries, like pottery, bamboo and cane made products, food processing & packaging etc.

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