Crab Value Chain Development

NGF launched Promoting Agricultural Commercialization and Enterprises (PACE) project in January 2015. The project is jointly financed by PKSF and International Fund for Agricultural Development. The ‘Promoting Agricultural Commercialization and Enterprises (PACE) Project is designed on the basis of the experience and learning from the past experience of the FEDEC projects to expedite further the process of poverty reduction by promoting microenterprises in the country. The project will be implemented in 6 years (2015-2020).

The project goal is to enhance livelihoods (higher income from self-employment, business profit and wage employment, and food security) of the moderate and extreme poor (4 thousand men and women) in a sustainable manner. The development objectives are to increase sales and incomes from existing and new microenterprises and to create new wage employment opportunities for extreme and moderate poor people.