Phase out Project / Programme

NGF has successfully accomplished several program to build capacity of the poor and vulnerable people to mitigate their basic needs some program are taken from a view of ensuring gender mainstreaming, poverty reduction, employment creation, income generation, Basic Human Rights, ensuring food & nutrition security, disaster responses, cash for work, infrastructure activities, water and sanitation promotion etc. The list of the phase out projects and programme in the following bellow;

Phase out Projects and Programme

Title of Project Duration of Project Activities Name of Donor
Program Initiative for Monga Eradication (PRIME) 2010-2016

Farm and off-farm IGA Development in  Agricultural, Fisheries and Livestock, Primary health care services and nutritional support, Tree plantation and Cash for work

Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) and DFID
Dike Greening subproject 2014-2016

Promote organic shrimp farming

Conserve biodiversity, Enhance on farm IGA and dike based tree plantation through community participation.

Crab Value Chain Development Project-FEDEC (1st Phase) 2012-2014 Sub-sector Analysis, Training, Group Development, Crab Fattening, Nursing and Market linkage with buyers PKSF and IFAD
Working Lactating Mother \


Support Fund Program.

2011-2012 Training for the pregnant mother and Childs for health, birth and marriage registration, water and sanitation, nutrition support. Ministry of women & Child department.
Enhancing Food security and climate change impact adaptation through innovative farming practices in the vulnerable areas of droughts, floods and salinity/tidal surge of Bangladesh 2011-2012 Adaptive trail: Maize cultivation under Zero tillage, Mung bean cultivation under Zero tillage, Water melon cultivation under kalshi method, Utilization of Bunds in gher areas with seasonal vegetables, fruits & spices and creeper vegetables on trellis. PSU-Planning Commission/DANIDA
Vulnerable Group Development Project 2010-2012 Vulnerable group development, Credit program, Savings Mobilization, Awareness buildup, IGA Skill Training, Life Skill Training. Ministry of women & Child department.
Programmed Initiatives for MONGA Eradication (Prime-3) 26 January – 28 June, 2010 Cash for work, Distribution of life savings materials, safe water, medicine etc. PKSF
Tiger victim support project focusing widow women January – June, 2009 Training on Sewing, Sewing machine distribution, Money distribution for grocery shop Muslim Aid (UK)
Early recovery activities for Cyclone, AILA September-December-2009 Deep tube well installation, repair RWH, PSF and other WaSH facilities and material support to the victim. NGO Forum for Public Health
NGO and Civil Society Networking Project (NCSNP): 2001-2003 To provide necessary motivation, discussion, training with the technical support of NGO Forum for safe drinking water supply and Sanitation. NGO Forum for Public Health
Piloting on Promoting Hygiene and Sanitation through Union based approach. June 2005 to December 2005 Capacity Building of UP members and Gram Sharker, WASH Hardware Support, Promotion through Meeting, Rally, Miking, Drama, WatSan Fair etc. Unit for Policy Implementation (UPI) of local Government Division (LGD) & NGO Forum for DWSS
Action Research on Micro Credit Financing for Water Supply and Sanitation Service 2000-2005

Apply PRA/RRA for VG & VDC Formation, Awareness and Capacity building of VG & VDC and Credit Support for WatSan.

Unit for Policy Implementation (UPI) of local Government Division (LGD) & NGO Forum for DWSS
Action Research on improved participatory approach in Hygiene and Sanitation Promotion 2000-2005

Hygiene behavioral trails with village group and fine tune of replicable model for WASH Approach.


Unit for Policy Implementation (UPI) of local Government Division (LGD) & NGO Forum
Sundarban Bio-diversity Conservation Project October’01 to December’03

Skill development training, Social Forestry, Social infrastructure

Forest & Environmental department Govt. of Bangladesh
Mass Education 1992-1995 Adult Education Co-operative dept. & Zilla Parishad